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A Newspaper

A Newspaper
A newspaper is paper printed and sold to the public usually daily or weekly,etc. It is usually printed on cheap paper known as newsprint.
A large daily newspaper contains a variety of information. It tells foreign, national, and local affairs. Articles and columnists person who write regular articles for a newspaper report develop-ment in sports, society, finance, science,religion, education, and agriculture. Cooments of the newspaper are in the editorial or leader
The editor is a person who responsible for the publishing of the newspaper.
He decides what should be printed, corrects mistakes, and decides how the material should be arranged.
A newspaper editor sometimes write articles which are called editorials. He gives his opinion about the news in the editorial.
The news department gather and edit news. The head of the news department is the managing editorial. Under him are the city editor, news editor, telegraph or wire editor andchiefs of the various department or sections, such as sports, finance news, Sunday features, women’s pages, and the chief of the magazine section.
The main source of income for most newspaper is commercial advertising. Therefore, advertising usually fills about 50 up to 70 percent of a newspaper’s space.

Nowadays almost everyone likes sports. Many people participate in some kind of sports such as football, swimming or running. A lot more people are interested in sports as specttators. They enjoy watching a football game, a swimming contest or an athletics contest.
      Among the biggest sports event in the world are Olimpyc Games. They began in Greece long ago. They were held every four years at Olimpia. Only men participated in the games. Women could not even watch them in stadium.
      At firs Olimpic Game there was only one event, a running race. Later games had more event : long jump, javelin, boxing and chariot (= kereta perang) racing. The only prize the winner received was a crown of leaves. But it was a great honour to win.
      When the Romans conquered Greece, they contiuned to hold the Olimpic Games. But they started to gives winners big prizes. Then people began to cheat, so the Roman Empe-ror (= kaisar) Theodosius stopped the games.
      In 1896 a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, revived the Olimpyc Games. People from every country in the world can participate, and each time games are held in a different country. At each new Olimpyc Games there special opening ceremony : the lighting of Olimpyc torch. Runners carry the Olimpyc flame from Greece all the way to the hpst country for this purpose.
      Like the ancient games, the modern games take place every four years. About 30 sport are played. Today the winners receive medals as prizes ins-tead of the old crown of leaves. The 2000 Olimpyc Games will be held in Sydney, Australia.

Kuin Market
      When a city with many rivers, tourist like to visit floating markets. Pasar Terapang Kuin is one of Banjarmasin’s floating markets in South Kalimantan. It is located on Barito River at the mouth of Kuin River.
      In the past, this market was very famous. It was full of vendors and shoppers who jostled for position every day in their long flat boast, called jukung. Today, it is not as crownded as it was in the past because there is a traditional market on land near Pasar Kuin. This market also sells fruit and vegetables, spices, and even medicines. It is now the place that local foreign tourists like to visit.

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